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For now, see the system Help files.

Function name:





Calculates the points of an exponential trend in an array.


GROWTH(DataY; DataX; NewDataX; FunctionType)



DataY represents the Y Data array.

DataX (optional) represents the X Data array.

NewDataX (optional) represents the X data array, in which the values are recalculated.

FunctionType (optional). If FunctionType = 0, functions in the form y = m^x will be calculated. Otherwise, y = b*m^x functions will be calculated.

In the LibreOffice Calc functions, parameters marked as "optional" can be left out only when no parameter follows. For example, in a function with four parameters, where the last two parameters are marked as "optional", you can leave out parameter 4 or parameters 3 and 4, but you cannot leave out parameter 3 alone.

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Additional details:


This function returns an array and is handled in the same way as the other array functions. Select a range where you want the answers to appear and select the function. Select DataY. Enter any other parameters, mark Array and click OK.

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