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Writer - Quick Reference Guide and Cheat-sheet.

Writer User Interface

   Show a graphic with the User Interface and pointers to all of the 
   parts with explanations on what each part if for.
   List all of the optional toolbars that are available
   Display graphics of the "commonly used" toolbars and what each icon is for.

Supported Document file formats

   List all of the file formats that can be 
   Opened, Saved, Exported

Writer Formats

Open Save Export Name of the Format
.odt .odt ODF Text Document's
.ott .ott ODF Text Document Template
.pdb .pdb AportisDoc (Palm)
.xml .xml DocBook
Hangul WP 97
.html .html HTML Document ( Writer)
Lotus WordPro Document
.txt MediaWiki
.docx .docx Microsoft Word 2007/2010 XML
Microsoft Word 2007/2010 XML Template
.xml .xml Microsoft Word 2003 XML
.doc .doc Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003
Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 Template
.doc Microsoft Word 6.0 / 95
.doc Microsoft Word 6.0
.doc Microsoft Word 95
Microsoft Word 95 Template
Microsoft WinWord 5
Microsoft Works Document
.docx .docx Office Open XML Text
Office Open XML Text Template
.sxw .sxw 1.0 Text Document
.stw .stw 1.0 Text Document Template
.fodt .fodt OpenDocument Text(Flat XML)
.pdf .pdf PDF - Portable Document Format (Writer)
.psw .psw Pocket Word
.rtf .rtf Rich Text Format
StarWriter 1.0
StarWriter 2.0
StarWriter DOS
StarWriter 3.0 - 5.0
StarWriter 3.0 - 5.0 Templates
T602 Document
.txt .txt Text
.txt .txt Text Encoded
.uot .uot Unified Office Formatted text
WordPerfect Document
.xml Writer Layout XML
.html XHTML
.xhtml XHTML

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Formatting the Page

   List and describe the options in Format>Page option

Formatting the Text

    List and describe all of the Character, Text, and Paragraph formatting options

Advanced Document Formatting.

   describe some of the advanced document formatting options, like "frames".

Adding / Formatting - Images and other files or objects in a document

     describe how to insert images and other files and objects into a document
     describe the formatting options for images and objects once it is in the document

Using Templates

    List all of the standard Templates that are a part of the standard install of LibreOffice.
    Describe how to use these templates.

Using the Extension Manager

    Describe how to use the Extension Manager
    How to add, remove, enable/disable the extensions
    Describe what some extensions are "locked".

Working with the Tools - Options Menus.



User Data

This is the area where the user "can" enter their personal information.

  • Company
  • First/Last name/Iniitials
  • Street
  • City/State/Zip
  • Country/Region
  • Title/Position
  • Tel. (Home/Work)
  • Fax / E-mail



□ Tips
□ Help Agent
□ Extended Tips

Open/Save dialoge

□ Use LibreOffice dialogs

Print dialogs

□ Use LibreOffice dialogs

Document status

□ Print sets "document modified" status
□ Allow to save document even when the document is not modified

Year (two digits)

Interpret as years between 1930 and 2029
□ Enable experimental (unstable) features
Heading text
Online Update

Load Save

  • General
  • VBA Properties
  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML Compatibility

Language Settings

  • Languages
  • Writing Aids

LibreOffice Writer

  • General
  • View
  • Formatting Aids
  • Grid
  • Basic Fonts (Western)
  • Print
  • Table
  • Changes
  • Compatibility
  • AutoCaption
  • Mail Merge E-mail

LibreOffice Writer/Web

  • View
  • Formatting Aids
  • Grid
  • Print
  • Table
  • Background

LibreOffice Base




Keyboard Shortcuts

    List all the useful keyboard shortcuts.

How to install LibreOffice for Windows using the Custom Install

     Describe a Windows Install of LibreOffice - do we still need to have a JRE installed first?
     Show the options in a Windows Install.
     Show all of the Custom Install options like languages and dictionaries.

Describe how to install LibreOffice in the other supported OSs.

     Linux DEBs
     Linux RPM
     macOS Intel and PPC

LibreOffice Web Sites

    List the useful web sites
    Main site
    Wiki sites
    Document Sites
    The download site and how to use it
    Where to get Help