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On this page, a simple Address Book Creating Howto is drafted. Whoever wants to improve it, please don't hesitate. Discussion happens on the Discussion Page or in the global Users Mailinglist].

Address Book Tutorial


(just a first guess - may be refined iteratively):

  • 'data container' with name & address, birthday, phone, Mobile, email-address, other contact data (Homepage, IM, ...) photo, annotations
  • easy entering of data (manually, copy&paste, CSV import, ...)
  • tagging ?
  • search (by name, by - what else?)
  • output constraints:
    • row selection: all, filtered, sorted
    • column/field selection: ?
  • output formats:
    • list
    • card
    • piping to mail merge
  • output media:
    • screen (list, card)
    • odf documents (list, mail merge)
    • what else?


Very Simple Spreadsheet solution