Using Impress Remote for iOS with LibreOffice 4.1 or later

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    This HowTo describes how to use the LibreOffice Impress Remote for iOS to connect to a computer running LibreOffice and controlling the slideshow with it.

    System Requirements

    • You need a current version of LibreOffice installed. Both the 4.1 as well as the 4.2 releases will work
    • Both your iOS device as well as the computer running LibreOffice need to be in the same network
    • your firewall needs to allow incoming connections to LibreOffice
    • your router must allow communication between the iOS device and the computer (might be a problem when the computer is using WiFi)

    Pairing Process

    The first time you try to use the remote, you will need to "introduce" the remote to LibreOffice, to authenticate your device for controlling the slideshow

    Once you start the remote, it will try to autodiscover computers that have LibreOffice Impress running. This is using bonjour (also called zeroconf or avahi) mechanism, and might fail, if for example the version of LibreOffice was compiled without support for that (like is the case for the Linux builds provided by The Document Foundation).

    In case no computer is found, you can add it manually using the computer's IP.

    If it then still doesn't offer to pair (by displaying a pin-code to enter in LibreOffice), then please check network communication/your firewall settings.