How to fix odp created before tdf#71428 was solved

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    Bug tdf#71428, "Spelling of 'turquise' in Impress Table Design" indicates that the turquoise color was spelled turquise in Impress module of LibreOffice (and certainly in Apache OpenOffice). A straightforward fix has been applied to the module but the documents made before this fix and which use tables with turquoise styles are concerned.


    A duplicate turquoise style will be present for old files not fixed.

    How to fix

    Just follow these steps:

    • Open the file
    • Select the table
    Fdo71428 TableDesign.png

    Notice the duplicate turquoise style in the Table Design pane (at bottom right)

    • Click the first turquoise style at top right of this same pane
    • Save the file

    That's it!