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Book Sprint Review

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Date May 21 - 27, 2018
IRC Channel #libreoffice-doc IRC://
Telegram Channel

Quick Start :

  1. Files to review: here!
  2. Review what you want
  3. How to participate!

It's as simple as that -- your help is greatly appreciated!

What is the Sprint Review


The sprint review is an work effort, for a short period of time, aimed to achieve a task that otherwise will take forever when the team is disperse and has no dead lines.

The Sprint Review for the book Getting Started with LibreOffice 6.0 is an effort during one week where volunteers get together virtually to commit themselves to finish the review task of the book.

Rules for Chapter Review

The Sprint review aim to make last-minute corrections to the Getting Started With LibreOffice 6.0 . To review a chapter, please consider:

  • Stick to grammar checking and typos. Some Authors are not native English speakers and the language review is welcome.
  • Use LibreOffice 6.0.x family as tool to review
  • Unless a sound mistake in the contents exists, refrain to change the contents in your own words. This is subjective but any change will require a new reading and time allocated to validate.
  • Existing mistakes or inconsistencies will be handled in the next update of the Guide, possibly 6.1
  • Remember that this book is an introductory book on LibreOffice, and some contents are deliberately shallow. In-depth contents fits better in each module guide.

What the Sprint Review is NOT

  • Do not attempt to rewrite full sections and sentences in your own words. The contents has been updated since long time and already proved good.
  • Do not add new contents. New contents will be handled in next edition.
  • Do not change formatting applied. Be aware that the chapters relies heavily in a set of styles carefully crafted to make reading comfortable.
  • Never change a style in use. This will break the book formatting.

Contact the Documentation Team Discussions list for people working on LibreOffice documentation and the LibreOffice help system.
Digest subscription:
  • the Mail alias: documentation at libreoffice dot org (for ad-hoc questions or general contact)

Files to Review

Chapter Title Notes Document Link Name Due date
0 Preface Ready for Publication
To be used as a template for other chapters and book.
No review required.
1 Introducing LibreOffice Ready for publication. Completed by Dave Barton 26/05/2018
2 Setting up LibreOffice Ready for publication. Completed by Dave Barton 25/06/2018
3 Using Styles and Templates I made many corrections and left notes and tracked changes.
It should be checked again by someone. JHW 01/06/18
4 Getting Started with Writer Ready for Publication Done by Olivier Hallot 24/05/2018
5 Getting Started with Calc Ready for publication Completed by Dave Barton
6 Getting Started with Impress Requires revision & review
Has Notes and Track Changes that need to be done.
taken by Drew Jensen 24/05/2018
7 Getting Started with Draw Ready for Publication Completed by Jonathan Cohen
8 Getting Started with Base Ready for publication done by Olivier Hallot
9 Getting Started with Math Appears to be ready for publication
No Notes or Track Changes, but should still be checked.
10 Printing, Exporting, E‑mailing Initial draft taken by Drew Jensen
11 Graphics, Gallery, Fontwork Ready for Publication Completed by Dave Barton
12 Creating HTML Files Requires revision & review
Has Notes and Track Changes that need to be done.
Taken by Jonathan Cohen
13 Getting Started with Macros Ready for Publication done by Drew Jensen 5/6/2018
14 Customizing LibreOffice Ready for publication done by Olivier Hallot
Appendix A Keyboard Shortcuts Pending initial draft TBA
Appendix B OpenDocument Standards Ready for Publication Taken by Olivier Hallot 27/05/2018

How to Participate

Please subscribe to the documentation mailing list and inform what chapter you take for review and give a due date for returning the document to our team. The due date must be within the Sprint Week. We will make public in this wiki page your name and due date informed, to avoid duplication of efforts.

Do not hesitate to use our online channels such as IRC and Telegram for quick communication.

Send your finished work back to documentation at libreoffice dot org.