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This page is out of date. Please refer to the the main Documentation page and the Documentation development page.

Joining the Documentation Team

If you get inspired to join in the project's work, we're only too happy to welcome new contributors. All work is done by volunteers, and we are recruiting for writers, proofreaders, editors, reviewers, indexers, and researchers.

If you're already a Documentation team member, or if you want to get involved in the production work, please visit the Documentation development page and the Documentation teamworkers page.

Key Pages

Below are the principal pages of the English Documentation wiki. These pages need further reorganisation, updating of information, and so on.

  • Development page, information on how to get started with the team, and a summary of the team's work in progress;
  • Teamwork page, a team member list and information page; people needed (skill sets)
  • How To page, a community contributed page about quick fixes and tasks;