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Documentation Team Members

If you'd like to get involved as well, feel free to add yourself to the list.

Documentation Team

Picture / Avatar Name Wiki User Page / IRC LibreOffice Interests Comments / Blog Professional background
Ohallot.jpg Olivier Hallot
ohallot / ohallot
  • Guides, advanced guides
  • LibreOffice Help design and development
  • Tutorials
  • Documentation in multimedia
Blog Engineer
Coming Soon Pulkit Krishna
PulkitKrishna00 / PulkitKrishna
  • Guides, advanced guides
  • Base Guide
  • LibreOffice Tutorials
N/A Teacher
Jeanweber3.jpg Jean Hollis Weber
  • User Guides
Blog Technical editor/writer
Coming Soon Toni Blackwelder
  • User Guides
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • Software and Technical Support
  • Technical Writer
  • Industrial Engineer
Peewee.jpg Peter Schofield
  • Software User Guides & LibreOffice
N/A Technical Writer/Editor/Publisher
  • Aviation
  • Defence
  • Construction engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer systems & peripherals
  • Software user guides
Randolph-gamo-04-2020.png Randolph GAMO
  • User Guides
Blog Educator
Claire Wood
  • User Guides
  • Technical Communication
  • Business Analysis
N/A Business Analyst & Technical Writer
Dan Lewis
  • Base Guide
  • Conversion of ODT to ePUB format for user guides
  • BS & MS with strong emphasis on mathematics
  • Member ODFAuthors from 1.01.
Coming Soon Gordon Bates
  • LibreOffice Calc
  • User Guide Reviewer
  • Science Teacher
  • Studio Photographer
Marcia Wilbur
  • Guides
  • Reviewer
  • Lead Debian Developer - Respin
  • Technical Writer/Editor
  • w3c - Technical Documentation in the Semantic Web Community Group, WebID and wcag-act
Steve fanning.png Steve Fanning
  • Calc Guide
  • Calc Help pages
  • Calc Functions wiki
  • Software Systems Designer
  • Technical Author
Foto Rafael Lima.jpg Rafael Lima
  • Math Guide
  • College professor
Kingu.jpg Allan Nordhøy
  • Whatever needs doing
  • Translator
Kees Kriek.jpg Kees Kriek N/A
  • Review of Guides and Translation into Dutch
  • Translation of the User Interface
  • Supporting Dutch users
  • Retired Information analyst
Nathan img cherryblossom.jpg Nathan Ullberg User:Blue.painting website
  • Doctoral Researcher: nanotechnology, optics, electronics.