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Information and resources for finding, creating, using and publishing macros in LibreOffice.
Documentation for macros writers and users

Andrew's Macros

A chronicle of information on the basic macro language with example scripts by Andrew Pitonyak.

LibreOffice Basic Guides

LibreOffice API

LibreOffice scripts make use of the LibreOffice API , documentation is available at:

Python as a macro language

It is possible to use python as a macro language, more details can be found at this page here:

LibreOffice Python Guides

Tools - Collections


X-Ray is a tool for the programmer of Basic macros using the API. Its purpose is to display the properties, methods, services, interfaces which are provided by an object variable. X-Ray can display in a web browser the official API documentation about a property, method, service, interface of an object.

  • X-RAY
    • X-Ray is a mature tool, originally developed for by Bernard Marcelly and was tested with LibreOffice (3.3 - 3.5beta2). It no longer works with the latest versions.

Lanedo Labs

Lanedo has some examples of working with data sources at:

Code Snippets

The OpenOffice CodeSnippet website had a collection of macros in various scripting languages: