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    XRay from Bernard Marcelly no longer works with LibreOffice. I was having difficulty using it, and got this comment from him:

    LibreOffice is not Apache OpenOffice. They are more and more incompatible.

    Xray cannot use the SDK of LibreOffice to find the documentation, so you used the SDK of Apache Openoffice. Bad idea, because it won't provide information on API objects specific to LibreOffice, and it will give you wrong information for objects that differ in LibreOffice (e.g. property Date in a Date control).

    Xray cannot find directly documentation on properties in LibreOffice, because LibreOffice does not follow the specifications for an obscure function essential for Xray. So Xray does not find the description where it should, and then uses an indirect method which is less precise. See the difference in my attachment. It was probably changed on purpose in LibO 4.1. This API change is not compatible with AOO (and previous versions of LibreOffice). And documentation was not updated by the LibreOffice designers.

    Of course I won't modify Xray for this; the documentation of LibreOffice is not accessible from Xray, full stop.

    I've reported the change as a bug, but don't know if it will be accepted as such.

    I think successful implementation of this will make the problem obsolete:
    --Beluga (talk) 2020-08-15T05:49:49 (UTC)