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Hello, could you add some instructions how to add/download not only core but also dictionaries, help and translations so localized builds could be built? Also, could you please add instructions to build lang-packs on macOS and Windows? Thank you!

The instructions are found in the page Development/Submodules. What is your proposal exactly? Where do you want to add something, how to present it etc.? I have no idea on how to build lang-packs.--Beluga (talk) 2020-10-27T07:58:03 (UTC)

Hi Beluga, I apologise for breaking this, is it recoverable? If it is "really" bad I am OK for you to undo all of my additions. I'll have to read up on: and --Mars (talk)

How is it broken?
--Beluga (talk) 2021-10-14T10:16:38 (UTC)
I have added lots of rows in the online section, and I have avoided translation bits, is this something that can be added or fixed?
--Mars (talk)
Well, it was not a big deal, see my cleanups.
  • you had used the {{#translation:}} template in places where it does not belong (it is for dynamically adding a language suffix)
  • you had left out the {{#translation:}} template in some uses of the yes/no/partial templates
  • you had used no and partial templates with uppercase first letter in a couple of places
  • you had not wrapped content in translate elements
For a guide on translation stuff, see TDF_Wiki/Multilingual#Content_with_global_focus
--Beluga (talk) 2021-10-15T12:38:48 (UTC)
Hi, thanks for fixing the translations up, a big job! I have added a new row called "Thesuarus", I added translation syntax this time, it needs to have translation numbers(markers) added. The instructions say not to add them as they are added automatically, is this all I should be doing? I don't want to be creating more work. Do you add these numbers(markers) manually? your last edit would suggest so. Thanks --Mars (talk) 2021-10-16T04:05:04 (UTC)
Hi, I also just added rows "Translate" and "Check Accessibility" with some translation syntax, not markers. --Mars (talk)
You can try what the instructions say: "When you add or change content in the source page, this will appear at the top of the page: This page has changes since it was last marked for translation. Click the link "marked for translation" to bring the translation system up to date following the same process as in the initial marking for translation."
--Beluga (talk) 2021-10-16T07:45:56 (UTC)
At this stage I'll leave the "Mark this version for Translation" to someone else, or for a while anyway; I notice that someone already corrected my spelling of "Thesaurus", there may be grammar and more inconsistencies to correct. I think I understand the basics of how translation works now.--Mars (talk) 2021-10-17T02:20:09 (UTC)--Mars (talk) 2021-10-17T02:20:09 (UTC)