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SpinachCon (2015)
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DatesTBD (perhaps September, around Fossetcon??)
LocationTBD (last year: Industry Lab)
Cambridge, MA
Website?? (last year: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/the-0th-spinachcon)

[TENTATIVE -- unconfirmed for this year!] SpinachCon is a test-event held the day before LibrePlanet sometime...


Small to midsize projects need user-experience feedback. If you're in town early, why not help us improve free software user experiences? By providing feedback and constructive criticism for this amazing group of participating free software projects, you'll be helping to build better free software!
Featuring (multiple projects), SpinachCon is a five hour open house where users will come by and do a few tasks with each project. In order to make it even friendlier, projects will pair up and hear each other's feedback. This precludes the developers or project evangelists from interrupting your feedback with explanations or apologies. After the event is over, each project gets to take their own feedback with them.


Name Role Attending? Registered? T-shirt size
Robinson Tryon Lead (contact to SpinachCon) Yes N/A ? L


We'll bring some swag:

  • Stickers
  • Maybe some other items?

Potential Test Tasks...

See Events/2014/SpinachCon for tests from last year.


One idea is to try to grab a screencast of what the user does. VLC is a good cross-platform tool that can grab the desktop (and do it at a low framerate, if needed).

The problem here is that it can be a big performance hit on the tester's machine...

Test Results

To be provided after the event

Getting involved

  • Email Robinson!