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LibreItalia TranslationFEST 2015
DatesNovember 28, 2015
LocationTerni, Italy
Terni TranslationFEST 2015

In connection with the second LibreItalia Conference in Terni, we're organizing the first ever LibreOffice "Translation Fest" (L10N event) in Italy on Saturday, November 28th from 14.00 to 17.00.


The venue for the event is:

Palazzo Gazzoli

The address is:

Via Teatro Romano, Terni - IT


This is the first Italian Localization event so we'd like to focus on "LibreOffice for beginners translators". The plan is to introduce as many people as possible to LibreOffice localization in Italian.

We want to make sure that:

  • attendees' laptops are configured so they are ready to contribute when they get home
  • they know the basics of Italian L10N process
  • they know which tools and processes are used for LibreOffice localization

Getting to the venue

Don't Forget

  • your laptop
  • JRE (Java Runtime Environment) should be installed in your computer, CAT tool OmegaT will need it. Please, check your system to verify if JRE is installed. If not, you can download it here. In any case, a copy of latest JRE, for Linux, Windows and Mac, will be available locally during the event.

Note: even if not compulsory, it is recommended to get a Pootle account before partecipating in the event. You can register to LibreOffice Pootle following the steps here


Registration: Conference and hackfest registration

Please add yourself to the list as early as possible, so we can plan the event accordingly.

First Name Last Name user page
Valter Mura User:Valtermura
Italo Vignoli
David Berti
Georgia Lepore
Enio Gemmo
Roberto Contardi
Gabriele Ponzo
Massimo Ciccola
Simone Serafini
Paolo Dongilli
Osvaldo Gervasi
Alessandro Cuccia
Marco Ciammella
Vincenzo Virgilio
Donato Cirillo
Gianmarco Bonavolontà
Roberto Contorni
Giorgio Ciocca
Francesco Marinucci
Marco Alici
Diego Maniacco
Daniel Plamenov Viktorov
Massimiliano Zagaglia
Alessio Gaspari
Dario Tordoni

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