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Owe someone a beer? Both going to be at one of our events ? Fill in the details below to make sure you don't forget!

  • (your name) owes (number of beers) beer(s) to (the name of the one you owe a beer) for (reason why)
  • tml owes caolan a number of beers for many reasons over the years
  • arnaud_versini owes a beer to mmeeks for works, to moggi for a memory bug in Calc and to CorNouws for the reminder
  • Deneb owes 1 beer to Mike Saunders for his precious proof-reading ;)
  • Deneb owes 1 beer to Sophie for all the effort she put to organize our annual conference
  • Deneb owes 3 beers to Floeff for a long list of reasons ;)
  • Deneb owes 1 beer to cloph for his help with the libreladies m-list ;)
  • Sweetshark owes 1 beer to Mike Saunders for l33t infographic skillz.

Group photo :)