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    LibreOffice mini Conference 2013 Japan/Spring

    a.k.a LibreOffice 4.0 Release memorial event :)

    This page describes the Japanese local event in English. If you can understand Japanese, please visit Japanese page.

    Date and Time: 2013-2-23(Sat) 10:00--16:00 (JST)
    Venue: Meisei University, Hino-campus, Building 28th

    See Access map
    (Room number is T.B.D. We'll let you know as soon as possible

    Fee: Nothing
    Room Capacity: almost 50
    How to participate: Please contact via e-mail. (basically you can come and join)
    Host: LibreOffice Japanese Team
    Co-host : Japan Users Group (NPO)

    Thanks for all LibreOffice community people

    This event was already done, but it was just a first step to promote LibreOffice in Japan. We hope to continue to go such event periodically.

    One more good news. Kohei Yoshida, calc Hacker (and a member of Japanese Team) won the "OSS Contributors Award" from Japan OSS Promotion Forum. The day before our miniconf, we had a ceremony of the award and Kohei-san had been there, and of course we had attended our miniconf also as a special guest, and made a short talk for us. Thanks, and congrats, Kohei-san!

    The video letter from Italo was also nice gift for us. Watch this (English; Japanese captioned).


    Now we proud to say that we, Japanese LibreOffice community, will have first whole-day event!

    In the "mini" conference, we'll have very interesting sessions about how to use LibreOffice little bit deeper, migration case study, introduction of new features of 4.0 or anything else. If you are already familiar LibreOffice or not, you will be able to enjoy the day. But we have to say sorry that every sessions will be in Japanese only. :(

    It's a collaboration event of the Open Source Conference Tokyo 2013/Spring, one of the most famous FLOSS event in Japan. We'll use same building, but almost separately. Of course you will be able to attend both events, LibO miniconf and OSC Tokyo :)

    The evening of the day, we'll also have LibreOffice 4.0 Release Party. Please feel free to join us!


    Time Title / Summary  Speaker
    LibreOffice migration case study Miyoshi Ohmori
    How to migrate to LibreOffice from
    Introduction of new features of LibreOffice 4.0 Shinji Enoki
    We'll have a next major version of LibreOffice 4.0 in Feb., 2013. In the session you will know what new features you'll have.
    LibreOffice Conference 2012 Berlin Report Naruhiko Ogasawara
    Awesome three days! Lots of LibreOffice hackers, contributors and users had gathered in Berlin. This session will show you the "landscape" of the conference from the very new of the community member's point of view.
    LibreOffice completion plan Masaki Tamakoshi
    Discuss about collaboration with LibreOffice (Draw or Impress) and other applications, and extension provides CAD-like feature. We really hope the extension will work fine :)
    Lunch break. You can see our booth and talk with us.
    Not ONLY document working! Using Draw is well in Japanese local goverment, Aizu Wakamatsu-city Jun Meguro
    Aizu-wakamatsu city is one of the most symbolic local government in Japanese LibreOffice community. Mr. Meguro will talk about case study to use Draw making posters or anything else.
    How to reduce your working cost with OSS Office suite with cloud services such as OneDrive Masahisa Kamataki
    Several office-oriented cloud services such as OneDrive support Open Document Format (ODF); international standard document format. If we'll combine LibreOffice (or other OSS ODF office suites) and OneDrive-like service, we can work in cloud without fee.
    About Translation Ikuya Awashiro
    Ikuya-san will talk "everything" he knows about all versions of LibreOffice, and former
    ODF Plugfest Makoto Takizawa
    ODF is a international standard, not only for LibreOffice. It uses many kind of products and became popular. In current situation, "interoperability" is very important. Join us and try to improve interoperability of ODF softwares! (presentation)

    LibreOffice 4.0 Release Party

    Yes, we need a party, don't you?

    Of course we'll plan to have a party the evening 18:00-- If you can understand Japanese, please visit Japanese event page. If not, please contact via e-mail.

    We hope we'll have a good day!