LibreOffice mini Conference 2014 Japan/Spring

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LibreOffice mini Conference 2014 Japan/Spring

This page describes the Japanese local event in English. If you can understand Japanese, please visit Japanese page.

Date and Time: 2014-6-7(Sat) 14:00--18:40 (JST)
Venue: Internet Initiative Japan, Jimbo-cho Head Office

See Access map

Host: LibreOffice Japanese Team


At this time, our slogan is "Be a LibreOffice developer!" We will have some hands-on to build LibreOffice with Linux / macOS / Windows, and will have talks about building in NetBSD, and creating macros / extensions (they are also development works).

And same evening, we will have a party, of course :)


Time Title / Summary  Speaker
13:45-- Gate open  
14:00--14:05 Opening speech Miyoshi Ohmori
Introduce and comment of LibreOffice macros Tsuraki Tani
He had a series of articles to describe about LibreOffice macros in the Japanese famous Linux magazine, Nikkei Linux. He will talk deep inside of sample macros of these articles.
14:45--14:55 break  
Tutorial to build LibreOffice master with Linux / macOS Takeshi Abe
Daily developed LibreOffice. This tutorial will tell how to build the latest source codes. Build will be a first step to debug LibreOffice, or modify freely. Please bring your laptop with Linux or macOS and Wifi works fine. With the tutorial you will be able to understand deeply about building LibreOffice by hands-on, doing step by step in actual processes.

[NOTE] He'll start from very basic for people who will try build first, but if you reading the following documents and prepare environments and tools, this tutorial might be works smooth. (Linux) (Mac)

The basic steps to build LibreOffice master with Windows Naruhiko Ogasawara
Building LibreOffice on top the Windows needs little different steps. In this talk, such difference will be described.
16:10--17:00 Communication time (break, free talk, demonstrations, Lightning talks, and nice coffee!)  
LibreOffice 4.2 building with pkgsrc for *BSD Ryo Onodera
pkgsrc is the cross-platform software package management system developed under The NetBSD Foundation. Currently it ported 22 kind of platforms.

LibreOffice 4 is already included on 'misc/libreoffice4'.
At this presentation, he reports not only already used NetBSD, but also newly supported DragonFly/FreeBSD/OpenBSD which he tried to.

17:40--17:50 break  
Let's join the activity to improve the quality of LibreOffice Shinji Enoki
Have you ever meet bugs or probrem while using LibreOffice? Have you disappointed if update LibreOffice but not fixed your annoying bugs?

In open source project, anyone can join activities to fix problem or improve quality. This talk describe current status of LibreOffice Quality Assuarance (QA), and how we will be able to join improve quality such as testing or reporting bugs.

18:30--18:40 Closing


Of course, we'll have a party this night. Now actual place is under discussion. Please keep your eye on :)

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