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SmART Gallery extension is the advanced version of Diagram (aka. Diagram 2) for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org office suites. This Extension is designed to create your favorite diagrams with few clicks in Draw and Impress applications.


  1. Start OpenOffice.org Draw or Impress
  2. Select Insert ▸ Diagram or enable Diagram Toolbar then click on Diagram button
  3. Select the desired diagram and click on OK button

Currently you can create four type of diagram:

  • Organization chart
  • Pyramid Diagram
  • Venn Diagram
  • Cycle Diagram

After you created the diagram, a new "Edit" toolbar will appear. Using this toolbar you can easily insert item to the diagram and remove items from the diagram or edit the properties of the items. Just select the color and type of item then click on "Add shape" button. In case of Organization Chart you also have to select the relation type of newly created item.

You can remove one item selecting the shape then click on "Remove shape button".

You can edit the whole diagram or just the selected items by selecting "User Define" from "Style of item" drop down box. From the upcoming dialog you can select following properties:

  • The scope of modifications
  • Color
  • Transparency
  • Outline
  • Text frame
  • Rounding.

If you like this extension you can donate our further development work here.

Obiter dictum

Desenhando diagramas no LibreOffice Draw facilmente com a extensão Diagram

Users' wishlist

  • The screenshots of the extension here on this page are beautiful. However, the standard settings of the extension are kind of ugly (color, box styles,...). Would it be possible to improve the default layout of the diagrams?