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How can I connect to a SAP database using the Adabas driver?

To connect to a SAP datbase

  • You must create a new directory (eg sapdb).
  • In this directory create a sub directory called sql.
  • Copy all the libraries for the SAP ODBC driver into this directory.
  • Then define a new datasource for your SAP database

An example can be found in the installation of your SAP database (under Windows, open you "Data Sources (ODBC)" to access it).

  • The next step is to define a system variable called DBROOT

This variable should point to the directory you created at the beginning (sapdb). Now you can define the data source in LibreOffice at access your database.

In Unix systems, you should also define a soft link called to (for example ls -s $DBROOT/depend74/lib/ $DBROOT/depend74/lib/

You will find this library in your SAP installation, sapdb/depend74/lib (the directory may be called something different in your version of SapDB).

Another possibility is to use the existing ODBC and JDBC drivers.