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    When I open my form, the navigation bar doesn't appear

    This navigation bar is usually situated at the bottom of the window. It starts with something like "Row 1 of xxx".

    • If no toolbar is displayed, start by displaying at least on using the menu View ▸ Toolbars.
    • Then bring up the toolbar context menu (usually by right-clicking on the toolbar).

    Select the navigation bar (a small tick should appear in front of it).

    If the navigation bar isn't offered as an option in the context menu, this probably means that the form is no longer connected to the database.

    • Go into design mode (on the instrument bar, open the floating form controls toolbar, and click on (De)activate draft mode)
    • View the form properties (Either press F4, or select one of the form controls and, in the form control bar, click on the Control Properties button)
    • Select the data tab
    • Ensure that the contents of the source field corresponds to a registered database (registered databases can be viewed by dropping down the list associated with this field).