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How can I add a field to a form?

Adding a field to a table

  • Open the database
  • In the left hand column, click on the "Tables" icon.
  • Right click on the name of the table to change and select "Edit" in the context menu.
  • Insert a field by a right click at the left end of the required line and select "Insert Rows" on the context menu.

Add a field to the form linked to this new table field

  • In the form toolbar, click on "View", then "Toolbars", and select "Form design"
  • In the design toolbar, click on the icon to add a field

This opens the add field dialogue.

  • Click on a form control: the table field list appears in a window.
  • Click on a field and hold the button down, drag the field onto the form.
  • Access the new control with the form navigator.
  • The control properties (the name appearing correctly) confirms that the control is properly connected to the field that was added to the table.