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How can I create a field that displays 'phone numbers in my country's standard format?

  • Select a field
  • To make the telephone number appear in the specific format 00 00 00 00 00
    • Click on the three dots which are to the right of the format field
    • In the format window which opens choose the type "Number" and put in one of the following formats for the telephone number:
00" "00" "00" "00" "00 	00\ 00\ 00\ 00\ 00 	##\ ##\ ##\ ##\ ##
  • Validate this format by clicking the icon then OK
  • Close the table
  • Using the wizard create a form with the telephone field on it
  • In design mode, click on the form navigator to access all the form controls.
  • A right click on the telephone number field will allow you to check and complete the control properties.
  • Exit design mode. The form is now ready to use for entering data.
  • Enter the telephone number without spaces
  • The formatting is applied when the cursor moves to the next field.