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How can I use a form without opening the database?

To save the form outside the database, open the database, then the form. On the menu, select "File > Save a copy" then close Base.

Then there are two methods to connect this external form to its database.

  • First method
    • Open the copy of the form saved outside the database
    • Open Base, find then tables and selection the table which should be connected to the form
    • Put the form into design mode and click once on the form navigator icon
    • A right click on the name of the form then properties, and in the data tab redefine, or confirm as correct, the data settings.
    • Exit design mode; the form is then active and can be used without opening Base
  • Second method
    • Open the copy of the form saved outside Base
    • In the odt document select "View > Toolbars > Form design"
    • In the form design bar click on "Design Mode" then on "Form"
    • In the data source field on the data tab of the form properties window select the table to connect (content type must be "Table").