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How can I create a table using a SELECT statement?

You can create a table using a SELECT statement from the Utils > SQL menu by executing a command like

SELECT "FieldName" [ ,... ] INTO CACHED "NewTable" FROM "SourceTable" [ WHERE <expression> ]

One could, for example, create a new table from this selection:

Original selection

The SQL selection to use to create the new table is:

SELECT "ID_Table","Nom","DateNaissance" FROM "Table1" WHERE "Nom" LIKE 'D%'

To create the table, execute the selection via the Utils > SQL menu

Creation via the Utils > SQL menu


  • The new table is not immediately saved as a table object: execute the command "File > Save tables" (this option is only available when table objects have been created.
  • The new table will be, by definition, the result of the SQL statement with all the limits pertaining to that: notably no creation of primary key.
  • This is the reason that the SQL selection above doesn't include the primary key field ID_TABLE.
  • If an autogenerating primary key is required for the new table it can be created by editing the table to add the field.
  • If the key doesn't need to be autogenerating it can be included in the SELECT.