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    I am working on a very long spreadsheet. How can I continue to see the titles of the columns or rows when I go down the sheet or to the right?

    There are two ways to obtain this result:

    • (for a single row or column title) You can freeze the title:
      1. Click on the cell immediately to the right of the column that contains the title.
      2. Go to View ▸ Freeze Rows and Columns. If you need to freeze the first column and the first row at the same time, you can do it by clicking in the cell below their intersection. For example, in a sheet where you want to freeze the first column and the first row, click on B2.
    • (for several row or column titles). You can split the window:
      1. Click on the cell to the right of the column that contains the titles
      2. go to View ▸ Split Window. The result will differ from that of the first method to the extent that you use the scrollbar in each part of the window.

    There is another possibility for splitting a spreadsheet. At the top of the right-hand scrollbar, and at the extreme right of the scrollbar along the bottom, you can see a small black line. When the mouse is placed here, the pointer changes form indicating movement. If you keep your finger on the left button of the mouse, you will see a gray line on your screen.

    1. Drag the mouse until the column or row contains your title.
    2. Release the button. The window will be split.

    You must choose between splitting and freezing.

    Another technique consists of working with two separate windows as explained in this question.