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    How to move columns


    When I want to move one or more columns, I select them by clicking in the header but this does not allow me to actually move them.


    The click in the header only selects. To actually move your selected column, do the following:

    1. select the column by clicking in the header,
    2. click on any cell in the column (not on the header),
    3. keeping the left button down, drag the cursor to the desired destination. The column will move with it.

    For example, starting with:

    starting point

    If you move to column D, you obtain :

    Change of column B to D

    It is also possible to directly "permute" the columns:

    1. after selecting column B, left-click AND press the Alt key,
    2. move the cursor to column A.

    You get:

    Insert B before A

    Of course you can also do this kind of thing with copy and paste or paste special with or without a move.