How do I insert text along a curve

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How do I insert text along a curve?

You need the simple Fontwork tool for this operation, not the one with the gallery.

To easily access the tool, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tools ▸ Customize ▸ Toolbars
  2. Input "fontwork" into the Search field
  3. In the list of available commands, select "Fontwork"
  4. In the "Target" dropdown, pick a toolbar you would like the command to appear in
  5. In the list of assigned commands, select a command to define the location of the Fontwork command
  6. Click the right-pointing arrow "Add item" to add the Fontwork command to the toolbar

There are various ways of using the Fontwork tool:

If your text is to follow a circular or elliptical arc:

  • from the Drawing toolbar Basic Shapes, select Arc
  • draw your arc and select it
  • type the text
  • now you can use the Fontwork tool to determine, how the text will appear on the arc
  • use the Edit Points tool (Points button on the Drawing toolbar, shortcut F8)
  • adjust the two largest squares which indicate the angles of the beginning and end of the arc

If your text is to follow any shape:

  • draw your shape
  • right-click the shape and select Convert ▸ To Curve/Polygon/Contour
  • type the text
  • use the fontwork tool

If your text is to follow a freehand line:

  • draw the line using the Curve tool of the Drawing toolbar
  • type the text
  • use the fontwork tool

Help content explaining the meaning of the buttons can be accessed by:

  • selecting the Fontwork tool palette
  • pressing F1