How do I insert text along a curve

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How do I insert text along a curve?

You need the simple Fontwork tool for this operation, not the one with the gallery. There are two possible ways of using it:

If your text is to follow a circular or elliptical arc:

  • create your text:
    • click on the T button (tool Text) in the Drawing toolbar;
    • click-drag to draw a text area;
    • type your text;
    • press the Escape key once;
  • right-click on the text and select Fontwork;
  • in the upper area (first row of buttons on the palette), select the type of curve you want;
  • use the Edit Points tool (Points button on the Drawing toolbar , shortcut F8), to make the blue handles appear;
  • adjust the two largest squares which indicate the angles of the beginning and end of the arc of the circle.

If your text is to follow a freehand line:

  • Display the simple Fontwork tool palette (not the one with the gallery). For example, by following the previous procedure but without the actual text;
  • draw the line using the Curve tool of the Drawing toolbar;
  • press ↵ Enter to edit the text;
  • type the text and press Escape once;
  • in the Fontwork tool palette, select the slope of the letter to the curve (2nd row of buttons), and the distribution of the text along the curve (3rd row of buttons),...

Online help in explaining the meaning of the buttons can be accessed by:

  • selecting the Fontwork tool palette;
  • pressing F1.

If you use this tool regularly, it might be worthwhile to add a button to open the Fontwork tool palette directly:

  • select Personalize the toolbar in the menu at the extreme right of the toolbar in which you wish to add the button (for example the Drawing toolbar);
  • in the area Toolbar Content, select the position for inserting the button (for example just before the Gallery Fontworkbutton);
  • click the Add button;
  • select in the category Format, the command Fontwork;
  • click the Add button and confirm with OK.