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Draw in the selection
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Open with... Dialog box
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Open Draw

Click File ▸ Open in the dialog box, navigate to your PDF file, select it and click Open.

That's it in principle.

If you have opened it this way, you may find a right-click menu on the PDF file in your file manager with the selection Open with... and select it.

Depending on the operating system, the PDF file assignment to LibreOffice can have different ways.

You may be presented with the option "LibreOffice Draw" to open.

Otherwise you can open the file in the file explorer after Open with... you can click on the selection "Choose another app" in the filemanager.

With a bit of luck you can open the application in the List(1) that opens.

If not, click on "More apps" at the bottom of the List(1) and in the List below(2) click on "Look for another app on this PC".

In the dialog box "Open with..." you navigate to C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\sdraw.exe to mark it and click OK.

Draw is then added to the Open with... context menu.

Open and edit foreign PDF files

The processing of foreign PDF files in Draw may be limited.

The texts are usually no longer continuous texts, as you are used to, for example, in Writer.

The texts and images are usually selectable as single snippets.

These snippets can be edited.

In most cases this only makes sense if only single words or letters are to be exchanged.

To try it out you can download the file "2020-07-30-die-wichtigsten-steuern-im-internationalen-vergleich-2019-ausgabe-2020.pdf" download.

See link of the Federal Ministry of Finance (Germany [DE]) Publications/Brochures

Open and edit PDF files created in LibreOffice

The file "Charcter Styles in Writer V6-4.odt" is used here as an example.

This file can be downloaded here.

This file was created in LibreOffice Writer.

Export the file "Charcter Styles in Writer V6-4.odt" to PDF.

Select File ▸ Export as ▸ Export as PDF... from the menu.

In the "PDF Options" dialog box, in the "General|General" tab, set the corresponding check marks.

An exported PDF file can then be edited in Draw or better yet in Writer.

See also: Hybrid PDF file

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See link of the Federal Ministry of Finance (Germany [DE]) Publications/Brochures

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Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals: Documentation / Manuals

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