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How do I save a background that I made and use it in a different presentation?

Backgrounds which have been created with slide masters are available in the Used in This Presentation section of the master pages. When editing a new presentation, these backgrounds are no longer available. To reuse a background in a different presentation, it must be saved to the Available for Use section as follows :

  • delete all slide contents, keeping only the slide masters;
  • save the file as a template :
    • click on File ▸ Templates ▸ Save As Template...,
    • select a folder to save to (Presentation Templates will make the template available to all users, My Templates will make it available only to you),
    • click Save,
    • enter a template name,
    • click OK.

The first background in the presentation will now appear in the Available for Use section.

If the presentation contains many backgrounds, only the first one will appear in the master pages. If this is the case, either:

  • create as many templates as there are backgrounds, using a single master per template, or
  • use Slide Design mode as explained in FAQ 024.