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How do I automatically start an ODP presentation when I open the file?

LibreOffice is able to launch a .PPS file automatically. To do the same with a .ODP file, you must use the ImpressRunner extension.

  • download the extension and install it, then restart LO ;
  • the extension has added a toolbar with 2 buttons: FR.FAQ Impress 104a.PNG
  • the button with the green arrow activates the autostart function;
  • the button with the red square deactivates the function ;

Insert manually, or via the extension's toolbar, the keyword autostart in any of the personal properties (not necessarily the first): File ▸ Properties ▸ Custom Properties tab.

  • ImpressRunner detects the presence of the keyword in the user properties in order to activate automatic launching or not.
  • Once the file is written and closed, the slide will run automatically from the next time the slideshow is opened.