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How do I use a slide overview?

Within a presentation, you can view a slide overview, and even navigate through the slides.

This feature is available by default. Right click on the presentation to bring up the context menu.

You can navigate forward and backwards one slide at a time, or jump to spcific slides.

Impress context mennu
Right click on a presentation to display the context menu

As shown in the screenshot, the overview displays the slide names.

For this to be useful, rename the slides, giving them descriptive names (the default is Slide1, Slide2, etc.)

To keep the overview premanently displayed, press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F5 to open the slide Navigator.

Slide Navigator
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F5 to open the slide Navigator

In addition to the navigation functions, this tool can switch the mouse pointer to a pen which can be used to draw on slides during a presentation.

Finally, a custom overview can be created that will only show specific slides.

One solution to this is to change the Master Page (View ▸ Master ▸ Slide Master) for each slide that should be included in the overview, and insert hyperlinks (Insert ▸ Hyperlink) as needed.

Select the source slide and then select each slide in the Target in Document dialog.

Target in Document dialog
Define hyperlinks in the Master Pages

To edit a hyperink that has already been inserted:

  • Switch to the Master Page view (if the hyperlink was created on the Master Page).
  • Right click the hyperlink to select its frame.
  • Click inside the frame and then press Ctrl+A to select the text.
  • Select Insert ▸ Hyperlink or click the Hyperlink button on the standard toolbar.
Defining custom slide overview
Define hyperlinks for a custom slide overview