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How do I create a new page?

You will not find a Create a page button! In a wiki, all you need to do is type a new URL address into the browser URL and the page will be created ... empty, of course. An editing box appears and can be filled in. As the content of the page has not yet been published, the page does not exist yet, but it can be created, and changes made in real time, by clicking on the Save Page button.

Even though a page can easily be renamed, it's better to give some thought to what to call the page. The Rules page gives some important elements to follow in naming pages. It's best to follow the following procedure:

  • Browse to the original page from which you want to link.
  • Click on the Edit tab on that page. (The link will appear as Quelltext anzeigen if you are not logged in.)
  • Change the text on the page and insert a link to your page:
[[Faq/General/234|my new page]]
  • the double brackets indicate that this is an internal link to another wiki page
  • FAQ/General/ is the branch where the new page will be created
  • 234 is the name of the page to be created
  • my new page is the text that will appear in place of the link
  • Publish the change by clicking on the Save Page button
  • The link my new page will appear in red, indicating that the page does not exist yet. Click on the link.
  • In the edit window, enter the text of the page.
  • Don't forget to specify the category at the bottom of the page.
  • Using the Show Preview button, preview the page as many times as you like before publishing.
Attention.png In naming pages, you must respect the rules of the multilingual wiki !