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How do I add an image or a document to a page?

The image or document must first be uploaded to the wiki, then you have to create the link.

to upload an image or a document

  • In the menu at the left of the wiki, click on the link Upload file
  • Click Browse to select the files
  • You have the option to change the file name. Please follow the rules for naming files
  • In the description field, add something about the contents of the document
  • Select a license if desired
  • Click on Upload file

A new page appears with the name of the document uploaded, the document itself, the history of this file and of all pages that use this file.

To insert an uploaded picture or document

  • Copy the name of the uploaded file
  • In the Wikitext editor, click the Embedded file button Wiki FAQ004 embeddedfile.png
  • The code [[File:Example.jpg]] is inserted with the selected file name; paste the name of the uploaded file

You can click the Preview button to check the result.

Formatting an image

Inside the File tag, it is possible to add formatting elements separated by the '|' character:

  • Thumb: puts the image in a frame
  • 300px: specifies the image size in pixels
  • left, center, right: align the image horizontally in the frame
  • Alt=Descriptive text: alternative text for accessibility software for the visually impaired
  • Caption: caption text. This should always be the final element.

Thus, a complete tag could be of this form:

 [[File:Example.png|thumb|center|250px|alt=Click to open|Opens the file]]