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How do I use a bot (e.g. AWB, PyWikiBot) in this wiki


Our wiki is using one of the latest MediaWiki version, so you have first to create an API access for running bots (since MediaWiki 1.27). Go to Special:BotPasswords and create an API access for your bot. If you running a bot in automate mode, please best is to create a separate account and ask a bureaucrat (e.g. User:Dennisroczek) for a bot flag for the new account.


Ups, because of a bug and MediaWiki version 1.27 this is not possible at the moment, see also Wikimedia's Phabricator T159866 entry (bug ticket). For the case it works for you, please report how.


I do use the following (not perfect) configuration for logging into TDFwiki. Both files have to be placed in the root folder of PyWikiBot.

console_encoding = 'utf-8'
password_file = ""
max_external_links = 4 # used for the dead-link-checker for not overloading one's computer

mylang = 'TDFwiki'
family = 'TDFwiki'
usernames['TDFwiki']['TDFwiki'] = u'CleanupBot'
family_files['TDFwiki'] = ''
sysopnames['TDFwiki']['TDFwiki'] = u'CleanupBot' #if the bot has admin rights; was needed for delete pages

('TDFwiki', 'TDFwiki', u'CleanupBot', BotPassword(u'CleanupBot', u'very hidden generated great password ;-)'))