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    How do I create a header only on the first page of my document?

    Since version 4 page styles have a property Same content on the first page available for headers and footers. So you only have to check or uncheck this box to get a specific layout or normal layout for the first page.

    However if you have to share your document with software or versions that do not support this property, it is recommended to use a specific page style as explained in the following process.

    Follow these steps:

    • put the cursor on the first page of the document
    • open the Styles and Formatting sidebar by View ▸ Styles or press F11
    • click the Page Styles icon (fourth from the left)
    • double click the Page style named First Page. The name of the style is displayed in the status bar
    • put the cursor at the end of the text of the first page
    • select the Insert ▸ More Breaks ▸ Manual Break... menu
    • select the Page break option
    • click OK and
    • select the Insert ▸ Header and Footer ▸ Header ▸ First page menu

    A frame for the page header will appear on the first page. Use the LibreOffice tools to complete the header.

    In place of the First Page style, you can use any custom-created page style of your own.

    While inserting the page break, it is possible to select a style that should be used for the next page from the Style dropdown. If you don't select anything, the default page style will be used.