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How do I protect (block) part of my document so that its content cannot be modified?

You can use a protected section.

Protecting a section of text

  1. select the text that you want to protect;
  2. go to Insert ▸ Section;
  3. in the Write protection area of the dialog, check Protect;
  4. give a name to the section (or keep the default name); and
  5. click on the Insert button.

You can also create a password for this section. Those who do not know the password will not be able to remove the protection.

Assigning a password to a protected section

  1. go to Format ▸ Section;
  2. select the desired section name;
  3. check the box With password;
  4. in the dialog that appears, enter a password and confirm it (minimum length of password: 5 characters);
  5. click OK in the password dialog; and
  6. click OK in the Edit section dialog.

Editing a previously protected section

If you try to modify the content of a protected section, a message box will inform you that this is impossible: Read-only content cannot be changed. No modification will be accepted.

  1. go to Format ▸ Section;
  2. select the desired section name;
  3. uncheck the Protected box;
  4. if necessary, enter your password in the dialog that appears and click on OK;
  5. click on OK in the main dialog;
  6. make the desired modifications to the text; and
  7. follow the stages "Protecting a section of text" described above to reprotect the section.

Note: once you have assigned a password to a section, it will be demanded before you can make any changes to the protected part.