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How do I protect (block) part of my document so that its content cannot be modified ?

You can use a protected section.

Protecting a section of text

  1. select the text that you want to protect.
  2. go to Insert ▸ Section.
  3. In the Write protection area of the dialog, check Protect.
  4. Give a name to the section (or keep the default name).
  5. Click on the Insert button.

You can also create a password for this section. Then people who do not know the password will not be able to remove the protection.

Assigning a password to a protected section

  1. Go to Format ▸ Section.
  2. Select the desired section name.
  3. Check the box With password.
  4. In the dialog that appears, enter a password and confirm it (minimum length of password : 5 characters).
  5. Click OK in the password dialog.
  6. Click OK in the Edit section dialog.

Editing a previously protected section

If you try to modify the content of a protected section, a message box will inform you that this is impossible : Read-only content cannot be changed. No modification will be accepted.

  1. Go to Format ▸ Section.
  2. Select the desired section name.
  3. Uncheck the Protected box.
  4. If necessary, enter your password in the dialog that appears and click on OK.
  5. Click on OK in the main dialog.
  6. Make the desired modifications to the text.
  7. Follow the stages "Protecting a section of text" described above to reprotect the section.

Note : once you have assigned a password to a section, it will be demanded before you can make any changes to the protected part.