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How to insert a page number having the form of "Page 1 of N"?

  1. choose a position for your page number:
    • at the top of the page, insert a header by selecting Insert ▸ Header and Footer ▸ Header ▸ Default style or
    • at the bottom of the page, insert a footer by selecting Insert ▸ Header and Footer ▸ Footer ▸ Default style;
  2. place the cursor in the header or the footer of your document;
  3. press the tab key to put the text in the center or on the right;
  4. enter the text "Page ";
  5. select Insert ▸ Field ▸ Page number to insert the page number;
  6. enter the text " of "; and
  7. select Insert ▸ Field ▸ Page count to insert the page count.

The page number will be displayed in the header or footer of all the pages.

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