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How do I add an alphabetical index to my document?

To create the Index

  1. Place the cursor where you want the index to be inserted.
  2. Select the menu Insert ▸ Indexes and tables ▸ Indexes and tables ▸ Index [tab].
  3. Instead of the default Table of Contents choose Alphabetical Index.

To put words into the index

  1. Select the relevant word in the text.
  2. Select the Insert ▸ Indexes and tables ▸ Entry.
  3. Click Insert.

The dialog box allows you to index the selected word.

For the next word:

  1. Leave the dialog open.
  2. Place the cursor on the word.
  3. Click the Entry area, the word will be automatically added.
  4. Click on Insert.

The Key 1 and Key 2 areas are used to create a hierarchical index with two levels.

To update the index, right click on it, and select Update index in the contextual menu.

To remove an entry that has been inserted

  1. In the text, put the cursor in the entry.
  2. Right click and select Index entry.
  3. In the dialog box, select Delete.

This is also a way to modify the indexation and, where necessary, to correct an entry (removal of capital, singular words or change the input word to standardize the writing of the index).