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This page is a translated version of the page Faq/Writer/131 and the translation is 20% complete.

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Comment ajouter une référence/table de bibliographie pour lister mes citations ?

Pour insérer une référence/table de bibliographie :

  • sélectionnez le menu Insertion ▸ Index et tables ▸ Index et tables ▸ [onglet] Index ;
  • sélectionnez le type Bibliographie.


It is possible to customize the reference list and adapt it to almost any desired style:

Select the menu Insert ▸ Table of Contents and Index ▸ Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography ▸ Entries [tab] (or right-click on the bibliography field that you inserted into your document and select Edit index ▸ Entries [tab]). The selected information fields are displayed to the left of Structure

  • to add a field:
  1. put the cursor in the area between the fields where you want to insert the new one;
  2. in the dropdown list under Structure select the field you want to insert;
  3. click Insert;
  • to remove a field:
  1. click on the field you want to remove;
  2. click the Delete button or press the Delete key.