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How to create a table in a Writer document

There are many ways of doing this:

  • menu Table ▸ Insert Table
  • select some text, then Table ▸ Convert text to table
  • using toolbars (Standard or Insert): click on the Insert Table icon
  • using Auto-Correct: to get a table with 3 cells, enter +---+---+---+ (the plus signs indicate the column separators, the number of hyphens represents the column width)
  • copy and paste in RTF format from Calc
  • insert using AutoText
  • insert using a “placeholder”: Insert ▸ Field ▸ More Fields... ▸ Function [tab], Field type -> Placeholder, Format -> Table
  • use the shortcut Ctrl + F12 for Table ▸ Insert ▸ Table
  • display the data-source window by using the Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + F4 key and then use Data to text ▸ Table