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Welcome to our Motif Gallery

Find more information on the LibreOffice Design Motif wiki page as well as usage rules and recommendations.


Download a copy to use in Design materials;

SVG file (preview inaccurate);

PNG file;
LibreOffice MotifScatter RGB.png
Inkscape SVG file;
Scatter ungrouped

Illustrator CS5 file;
Users of Adobe Creative Suite may need to download
this Illustrator file instead (to avoid known transparency issues).

Guidelines for usage

When using this motif in your Design material, please feel free to:

  • Scale/resize it (proportionally)
  • Move it to any location except behind the LibreOffice logo (unless at very low opacity)
  • Crop it/not show it in its entirety
  • Fade it/reduce its opacity
  • Desaturate it/use it in greyscale
  • Convert it to CMYK before using it in Print material

But please avoid:

  • Pinching/stretching it (horizontally or vertically, disproportionately)
  • Warping it / distorting its perspective too strongly
  • Re-colouring it (except when necessitated by a specific background-colour)

Following these guidelines should lead to a common visual approach and a general design integrating our consistent branding language - and furthering LibreOffice by public recognition on the first sight...

Motif Use Cases