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Hackfest 2016 Ankara Logo

The LibreOffice Ankara HackFest 2016 will take place on the weekend of April, 30th to May, 1st 2016, in Ankara (more details on location TBD).

About the location

Panoramic view of Ankara at night.

Ankara is the capital of the Turkey. The second largest city of Turkey behind Istanbul is easy to reach with international air travel. Due to its elevation and inland location, Ankara has cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn. Experienced and new LibreOffice developers will meet at Hackfest Ankara, 2016. Location of hackfest will be announced very soon from here.


If there is a pet bug/feature you are interested to solve/create on the Hackfest add it here and we will try to find a mentor giving you guidance. Also if there is a general topic you want to cover/have a short talk about, add it here.

topic/bug/feature interested hacker(s) mentor/speaker
tdf#32506 Find & Replace for Base Muhammet Kara ...
tdf#51779 Support for SQL datatype INTERVAL Muhammet Kara ...
your topic here ... ...

How to get there

  • Hackfest location at Google Maps:


  • Street address:

YÖK Binası
B5 Blok
06539, Bilkent / ANKARA

Public transport

  • Local Transportation Information System is here [2]
  • To take on the the bus you should buy an Ankarakart. Recommended card type is "single use Ankarakart" for short trips. For more information [3]
  • The best way to go to airport from city center or to city center from airport is Belkoair airport shuttle. You can find more information from here [4]


We would like to thank our following sponsors and supporters for making the Ankara Hackfest possible:

  • TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

Travel Bursaries

The Document Foundation may be able to refund tickets to and from the Ankara Hackfest, after prior approval by the organizers, under the following conditions:

  • transportation-only, please sign-up for couch surfing if you need free accommodation
  • volunteer-first - people affiliated with a company involved in LibreOffice work will come last
  • first-come-first-served - participants will get reimbursed in order of their sign-up on the wiki attendance list, until budget runs out.
  • ask the organizers as soon as possible (ideally right before booking) if budget is still available. Be aware of the fact that tax law requires us to collect original receipts, so please keep them (or hand them in right there in Ankara)

Please be economic and pick cheap travel - that said, flights to Ankara might still be available at a reasonable price.

For those who attended: If you'd like to request a travel reimbursal, please follow the HowTo at TDF/Policies/Refunding for the TDF refunding, and mail treasurer@documentfoundation.org with your documents.


  1. Gülşah Köse
  2. Berk Güreken
  3. Aybüke Özdemir
  4. Ahmet Can Kepenek
  5. Feyza Yavuz
  6. Ayşe Melike Yurtoğlu
  7. Yeliz Taneroğlu
  8. Kerem Hallaç
  9. İrem Şendur
  10. Kader Tarlan
  11. Burçin Akalın
  12. Faruk Uzun
  13. Özcan Esen
  14. Michael Meeks
  15. Markus Mohrhard
  16. Jan-Marek Glogowski
  17. Daniel Thomas
  18. Muhammet Kara
  19. Gökhan Gurbetoğlu
  20. Erdem Demirkapı
  21. Nurhak Altın


  • fixed one bug [5] (Markus)
  • wrote a test for one bug [6] (Markus)
  • fixed a bug affecting turkish locale [7] (Michael)
  • fixed invalid xml files in odf files [8] (Melike)
  • Initial work on hiding chart title objects [9] (Feyza)
  • Many easy hacks

After Action Reports