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The first ever UK LibreOffice Hackfest will take place in the city of Cambridge (UK) on May 21st to 23rd (Thur / Fri / Sat). It is unlikely that we will start early in the morning - I would imagine most people will fly in on the 21st and arrive after 11am. Similarly on Friday / Sat. an early start before (eg.) 10am is unlikely.


The venue for the event is the Collabora office.


Kett House,
Station Road,
CB1 2JH,
United Kingdom

Location link:

Getting to the venue

The Collabora Office is 3 minutes walk down the road from the only exit from Cambridge Train Station - you can't get lost. Almost certainly you want to get there by train, and most ideally from Stansted Airport - which is closest and has direct trains to Cambridge.

From Europe

  • Fly to STN with Ryanair/EasyJet, then take the train to Cambridge
  • Take the Eurostar to London, then take a train to Cambridge

From faraway places

  • Fly to LHR or LGW, then take the tube across London, then train (or bus) to Cambridge
  • Fly to LHR or LGW, then take the bus to Cambridge

Accommodation, Activities and food

There are two suitable Travelodges: central, and on Newmarket Road:

There’s also a hostel:

Some floor space may be available, please list yourself as an interested party in the Attendees list.

Punting and Beer Festival


The Hackfest is timed to co-incide with [The Cambridge Beer Festival] - allowing those inclined to savor "a wide range of local and national beers of all styles, as well as cider, perry, mead, wine and bottled & draught beers from around the world.".

If visiting Cambridge it is also a good idea to go [Punting]. If you cannot swim yet, there is still plenty of time to learn - though none of Michael's guests has ever actually fallen in, despite their efforts.

Nearby Hacker-Friendly Cafés and Pubs

For late night hacking and socialising:

  • The Flying Pig
  • The Haymakers
  • CB2
  • Backstreet Bistro
  • Cambridge Blue

For fry-ups:

For lunch:

For dinner:

Travel Bursaries

The Document Foundation may be able to refund tickets to and from the Cambridge Hackfest, after prior approval by the organizers, under the following conditions:

  • transportation and accommodation (please consider booking a shared hotel room for 2 hackers with single beds if you can self-organize that. TDF will reimburse single rooms though too.)
  • volunteer-first - people affiliated with a company involved in LibreOffice work will come last
  • first-come-first-served - participants will get reimbursed in order of their sign-up on the wiki attendance list, until budget runs out.
  • ask the organizers as soon as possible (ideally right before booking) if budget is still available. Be aware of the fact that tax law requires us to collect original receipts, so please keep them (or hand them in right there in Gran Canaria)

Please be economic and pick cheap travel - flights to Cambridge should still be available at a reasonable price.

For those who attended: If you'd like to request a travel reimbursal, please follow the HowTo at TDF/Policies/Refunding for the SPI refunding, and mail with your documents.

Don't Forget

  • Your laptop
  • A recent build of LibreOffice


Pleas add yourself to the list as early as possible, so we can plan travels and budget.

  1. Michael Meeks
  2. Stephan Bergmann
  3. Andras Timar
  4. Miklos Vajna
  5. László Németh
  6. Tor Lillqvist
  7. Jan Holesovsky
  8. Andrzej Hunt (only Saturday)
  9. Thorsten Behrens
  10. Caolán McNamara
  11. Bjoern Michaelsen
  12. Sam Tuke
  13. Ed Zimmermann
  14. Benjamin Niri





Bug List

If you're attending the hackfest, add your name next to what you might like to work on and feel free to add bugs.

Bug / Area of Code or Topic Developer(s)
... ...
... ...

Discussion Topics

If you're attending, feel free to add to the list.

  • ...

Ideas from the Crowd

Feel free to add some.

  • fun ...
  • Probably quite low-hanging fruit "Improve usability of PDF export of documents with comments": Recently Caolán implemented the possibility in Writer to print PDFs with comments inside the margin. Currently, this is limited to printing, because no one has touched the PDF export dialogue yet. Like printing, PDF exporting of documents with comments is a very common use case. Unfortunately, this new feature is not yet available in the PDF export dialogue, although the feature itself is actually implemented. Caolán describes the (for users complicated) work-around in the related bug entry: To activate PDF export with comments, it is necessary to change the settings in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Writer ▸ Print. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to activate/deactivate it from the PDF export dialog itself! Please see tdf#77650 for details and a sample .ui file how it could look like. This feature is a low hanging fruit as it seems to involve mostly a small change in the UI.



  • Andras Timar: DrawingML shape import/export problems, fixed tdf#91429, tdf#90509, hacked on tdf#84254 and tdf#90338 and found the root cause (and fixed a day after the hackfest).
  • Miklos Vajna: fixed tdf#90315, tdf#91095 and tdf#90211 -- all were RTF regressions. See blog post below for more details.
  • László Németh: preparing localization of Emoji short names (Emoji replacements are supported by only en-US and hu-HU modules, yet). Adding direct replacement of short keywords surrounded by colons (inside words, too – this will help to fix also the reopened n-dash/m-dash input bug tdf#55292). Adding small Greek letters to the default technical dictionary. Documenting a new LibreLogo feature (joining points drawn by POINT, and filling the result).
  • Sam Tuke: set up commit workflow with Gerrit, made first LibreOffice commit (with translated German comments), and learned to use Glade GUI editor for LibreOffice dialogues.
  • Stephan Bergmann: fixed most of the newly cropped up issues in the asan+ubsan make check build
  • Caolán McNamara: fixed tdf#90155 (duplicates tdf#90381, tdf#90635, tdf#90705, tdf#90718, tdf#90759, tdf#91171) for misplaced popup windows.
  • Bjoern Michaelsen: finalized and rebased the mmswunocrsr Branch, giving proper memory management to Writer UNO Cursors. A bit more work than an usual rebase because of the big rename for Writer variable names we had for 5.0 branch-off. The branch is now merged to master.
  • Jan Holesovsky/Kendy: Avoid flickering of toolbars during application redraw using RenderContext / double-buffering - got the toolbars non-flickering, and also drawing using the native Gtk+ therme.
  • Tor Lillqvist: Verified that the LibreOffice test app still works on iOS. Portability improvements to the LibreOffice On-Line server.
  • Michael Meeks: fixed a number of lifecycle related bugs, helped to get Ben setup.
  • Thorsten Behrens: debugged a number of rtf problems, fixed tdf#87509 at last.

After-Action Reports