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    The LibreOffice/GNOME Madrid HackFest 2015 will take place on December 2nd-4th 2015, at the MediaLab "MiniLab", Madrid. The GNOME Contents Apps Hackfest has its wiki page over here.

    About the location


    Madrid is the capital and largest municipality of Spain. It is the third-largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third-largest in the European Union after Paris and London.

    According to legend, Madrid was founded by Ocno Bianor (son of King Tyrrhenius of Tuscany and Mantua) and was named "Metragirta" or "Mantua Carpetana". Others contend that the original name of the city was "Ursaria" ("land of bears" in Latin), because of the many bears that were to be found in the nearby forests, which, together with the strawberry tree (Spanish madroño), have been the emblem of the city from the Middle Ages.


    If there is a pet bug/feature you are interested to solve/create on the Hackfest add it here and we will try to find a mentor giving you guidance. Also if there is a general topic you want to cover/have a short talk about, add it here.

    topic/bug/feature interested hacker(s) mentor/speaker
    LibreOffice accessibility Jacobo
    GIO/GSetting integration for proxy settings Sweetshark (Bjoern)
    Sidebar Improvements: Keyboard shortcuts, Mousewheel, Toolbar integration Sweetshark (Bjoern)
    tdf#91789 Sweetshark (Bjoern)
    Unittest for windows jan I
    Visual studio integration jan I
    Building spanish community jan I
    Eclipse integration Pasqual Milvaques
    Practical Develop/Test/Debug cycle for beginners Pasqual Milvaques
    Using bibisect to debug and patch regressions Pasqual Milvaques
    SVG Improvements Xisco Faulí
    your topic here ... you

    Accompanying Program

    We have access to the "minilab" in Medialab Prado from 10:00 to 19:00

    note: we should have something for spanish developers to try and grow the spanish community. We could e.g. also invite l10n people.




    We will start around 11:00 am

    Around noon, participants will have the opportunity to give a lightning talk. The topics are all open:

    • Helpful introductions to hacking on LibreOffice are welcome!
    • Show you favourite EasyHack!
    • Show your idea for a new feature or bugfix that you care about and want to work on! Its a great way to find someone who can help you out with expertise and knowhow.


    Around noon, participants will have an opportunity to present some of the work done, progress made and lessons learned at the Hackfest.

    How to get there

    see: http://medialab-prado.es/article/donde_y_cuando

    Public transport

    • from Madrid airport:
      • take the Express Bus 24h to Atocha station, every 20 minutes.
      • you can walk from the Atocha station to Medialab Prado (~10 minutes)
    • the closes metro station is "Atocha" (Line 1)

    By car


    We would like to thank our following sponsors and supporters for making the Madrid Hackfest possible:

    • The Document Foundation, for providing travel sponsoring



    Travel Bursaries

    The Document Foundation may be able to refund tickets to and from the Madrid Hackfest, after prior approval by the organizers, under the following conditions:

    • transportation-only, please sign-up for couch surfing if you need free accommodation
    • volunteer-first - people affiliated with a company involved in LibreOffice work will come last
    • first-come-first-served - participants will get reimbursed in order of their sign-up on the wiki attendance list, until budget runs out.
    • ask the organizers as soon as possible (ideally right before booking) if budget is still available. Be aware of the fact that tax law requires us to collect original receipts, so please keep them (or hand them in right there in Hamburg)

    Please be economic and pick cheap travel - that said, flights to Madrid might still be available at a reasonable price.

    For those who attended: If you'd like to request a travel reimbursal, please follow the HowTo at TDF/Policies/Refunding for the SPI refunding, and mail treasurer@documentfoundation.org with your documents.


    Please add your name and e-mail address to the below list in case you want to participate. We will use this list for planning, logistics and announcements.

    1. Bjoern Michaelsen (Sweetshark), Writer hacker (arriving Wednesday evening)
    2. Jacobo Aragunde (arriving Wed midday)
    3. Jan Iversen
    4. Katarina Behrens (arriving Wed evening)
    5. Pasqual Milvaques
    6. Patricia Santana Cruz (arriving Wed evening)
    7. Xisco Faulí ( arriving Thursday at 2.30pm )


    After Action Reports