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LibreOffice/TDF has many IRC channels on Freenode.


The available channels include:

There are also language-specific support channels. They are usually mentioned in the "Get Help / Community Support" section in the localized LibreOffice websites. The channel names have the locale code appended to the end of libreoffice, ie.

Connecting to our IRC Channels

Either use your favorite IRC client, or use your browser:

Tips and tricks for running IRC Channels

To see the list of channels with specific words in the name (for for example, libreoffice)

/msg alis list #libreoffice*

To make the topic persistent:

/msg chanserv set #channel keeptopic on

To make ChanServ join the channel:

/msg chanserv set #channel guard on

To enable OP powers (if you have privs in the channel):

/msg ChanServ OP #channel username

Once you have OP powers, you can...

Set the /topic:

/topic Put whatever you want to be the topic here. It will overwrite whatever is currently present

Use for help about commands on Freenode

 /msg ChanServ help command_name

More tips for Freenode: