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    Pages related to the website and web infrastructure for The Document Foundation.

    How to contact the infrastructure team

    1. If you have a question or want to discuss topics, please use our public infrastructure mailing list (archives) (you might want to subscribe before posting) which many admins and other community members regularly read to give support and advice.
    2. In case you want to directly get in touch with the infrastructure team, only to post confidential information, or when your message didn't get picked up when needed, please directly poke our admins on a private, nonpublic mailing list by writing to
    3. If you are savvy enough to directly file a ticket, please do so at our public Redmine instance at - do not use BugZilla anymore for filing infrastructure bugs. In case you post confidential information, please do mark the ticket as private.
      Note: Please do not set assignees or priorities, unless you really know what you are doing. To be kept up to date on the ticket via e-mail, please set yourself manually as viewer. You will not automatically get notified otherwise.
    4. For direct communication, we also have a public IRC channel #tdf-infra IRC:// on Libera Chat, with many admins and other community members regularly online. Be advised that due to the nature of IRC, messages might get missed or overseen. In case you receive no reply in time, please use one of the above contact methods instead.

    On a general note: Please decide thoroughly whether contacting individual admins makes sense. The admin team shares the work, and by contacting someone directly, you raise his or her workload and exclude the others from joining. The more public and transparent we work, the better we can gain new contributors.