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UX/Design think tank

Topic Date Tickets Pad
Chart Sidebar 2015-May-29 tdf#91063 UX-ChartSidebar
HIG, Properties dialog 2015-Jul-05 none HiG-Dialog
Print dialog 2015-Jul-24 tdf#91362 and other UX-PrintDialog
Layers and groups in Draw 2016-Jul-25 tdf#99648 and tdf#100155 How the Navigator may help to support object handling in LibreOffice Draw
LibO Additions (aka extension, templates & more) 2016-Sep-07 UX-GHNS
The reasoning behind Notebookbar 2016-Oct-13 UX-Notebookbar
Improvements for Custom Shapes 2017-Mar-16 tdf#101862, tdf#106101, tdf#103298 UX-CustomShapes
Mascot (or the like) for LibreOffice 2017-Apr-03 UX-mascot
Branding for 6.0 2017-Apr-18 UX-branding-6.0