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This is a list of services the TDF keeps to help with its work. Some of these services are on the infrastructure of The Document Foundation and others are not. If you encounter any issues while using and/or accessing these services, please open a support ticket at our public Redmine instance at You can also mail directly to if you think that the issue is more urgent or for private messages.

Administered/Hosted by The Document Foundation

Service (link) Wiki Page Notes Platform/Programming Languages Contact
The Document Foundation TDF This website is the official website of The Document Foundation. Silverstripe CMS Alex Werner
LibreOffice LibreOffice This is the official website of the LibreOffice project. Silverstripe CMS Christian Lohmaier
LibreOffice Extensions Extensions Hosting service for 3rd party extensions to LibreOffice. Plone CMS Andreas Mantke
Ask LibreOffice Ask This is a Q&A website where anyone can ask questions and he can get a reply by someone who can help with the user's problem. Askbot Alex Werner
The Document Foundation Bugzilla QA/Bugzilla This is the place where all bugs from the LibreOffice project and the associated projects (such as The Document Liberation Project) are submitted. Mozilla's Bugzilla Joel Madero, Robinson Tryon
The Document Foundation Wiki TDF Wiki This is the official wiki to be used by TDF and LibreOffice teams MediaWiki User:dennisroczek
LibreOffice Help Development/Wikihelp This wiki is the primary source for help articles about the LibreOffice software itself (features, tutorials, manuals, etc.) MediaWiki User:dennisroczek
The Document Foundation Planet This is an RSS collection of blogs which have to do with Libreoffice project (leading developers, directors, etc.) Planet' Alex Werner
Download Repository Mirrors This is the download repository where you can download all our files via download mirrors chosen automatically according to your IP address' location for better download speed MirrorBrain Florian Effenberger, Christian Lohmaier
TDF Translations Server Pootle This Pootle server is used in order to facilitate translation of a huge project such as LibreOffice Pootle Andras Timar
LibreOffice API Documentation These are optimised and updated for each LibreOffice version which is launched HTML/CSS Andras Timar
LibreOffice Internal Documentation Development/Doxygen Documentation of LibreOffice code generated from inline comments. Doxygen Miklós Vajna
LibreOffice Source Browser A fast online source code browser for LibreOffice. opengrok  ??
ownCloud ownCloud The ownCloud is being used as a shared storage space with its files being available to both developers, volunteers and the general public. ownCloud is still in testing mode and therefore there might be some technical hiccups. ownCloud Alex Werner
The Document Foundation Pad Etherpad There are a number of prepared pads open for everyone. The list can be found here. Etherpad Alex Werner
LibreOffice Code Review and Repository browser Development/gerrit This is the place where all commits are reviewed and merged into the Libreoffice master repository Gerrit, cgit Norbert Thiebaud
MozTrap LibreOffice MozTrap MozTrap is a web application, that should simplify the supply of tests for software in a cooperative way Mozilla MozTrap Sophie Gautier
Redmine Redmine This is being used for project management and tracking progress of tasks especially by the Infrastructure team; Use redmine for all Infrastructure bugs (instead of Bugzilla) Redmine Alex Werner

Hosted by third-parties

Name Host Contact
LibreOffice Documentation Team Blog Wordpress Jean Hollis Weber
LibreOffice Marketing Team blog Wordpress Italo Vignoli, Charles Schulz
Nabble Mail Archive Nabble Sophie Gautier
The Document Foundation Blog Wordpress Thorsten Behrens