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This page is all about the Document Foundation Wiki (aka Wiki, TDF Wiki, LibreOffice Wiki).

This is the TDF Wiki

Unless the contents of this page have been transcluded into another service or copied elsewhere, you're currently reading this content on the TDF Wiki. Welcome!

The front page of the wiki is here:

Other Wikis

TDF/LibreOffice operate at least two instances of MediaWiki right now:

  • The TDF Wiki
  • The Wikihelp, a.k.a. old Online Help

Technical Information

  • Runs on MediaWiki, see Special:Version for more details
  • Contains all kinds of information about TDF, LibreOffice, and the Document Liberation Project
  • Many pages are translated into other languages
  • Open registration (required for editing)

Available Templates

Multilingual Content

Some of the content on this wiki is available in languages other than English. For details on translation and localization, see

Feedback and Bugs

  • To contact the sysadmins in charge of the TDF Wiki, please see the Infra/Services page.
  • To report a bug about the TDF Wiki, please use Redmine.