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Many LibreOffice Teams use Etherpad as a collaborative editor for ideas, minutes of meetings, etc...


For a list of common pads, see Infra/List of Etherpads.

If you'd like to make a new pad for a specific purpose, feel free to visit the front page of our install: please contact the administrators.


No account is needed to join one of our pads. Simply access the url and join-in.

If you want to identify yourself and your edits, click the person-shaped icon on the right-hand side of the Etherpad toolbar and give yourself a name/nickname.

Exporting Text

If you copy text out of Etherpad, you might have noticed that blank lines are sometimes removed. This creates a problem if you're trying to edit an existing document in Etherpad or if you're using Etherpad to edit the contents of a wiki page and then paste the edits back into the wiki.

For maximum fidelity, try using the "Import/Export from/to different file formats" button. This button has a right arrow on top of a left arrow. I just export my document as "plain text," and the blank lines and all other content is faithfully preserved.

Common Errors

503 Errors/Etherpad isn't available

Trying to run a meeting and Etherpad is down? Please see the #People and Moderation section below.

Weird errors when connecting?

If you're running a privacy extension to your browser like NoScript, you may briefly see an error such as the following while connecting:

                   An error occurred while loading the pad
 ReferenceError: stLight not defined in (line 889)

Please disregard the error and wait a few additional seconds -- you should be redirected to the proper pad.


Looking to try out some new syntax? Please use our test pad here:


People and Moderation

If you have any questions, please feel free to send email to or contact the Website mailing list for help.

Proposed Improvements

nothing so far...

Technical Details

We have a pretty stock Etherpad install.