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Many of the TDF and LibreOffice Teams hold Meetings.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Here's a quick list of all of the Meeting/Conference Call pages I could find on this wiki. Note that some of the teams have held only one meeting, or stopped holding meetings in 2011. Please contact the team leaders if you have additional questions about joining the Meeting process.

Team Meeting Page Method(s) of Communcation Notes
Board of Directors TDF/BoD Meetings Call + IRC
QA QA/Meetings IRC
Design Design/Meetings IRC
Marketing Marketing/ConfCalls
Documentation Documentation/ConfCalls
Website Website/ConfCall/Minutes Only happened once?
System Operations System Operations/Meeting 2011-01 Only happened once? What's the difference between this team and the Website Team?
North-American-Community North-American-Community/meetings IRC Ended in 2011