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    What It's About

    Communication about documentation for LibreOffice takes place on a dedicated mailing list called Periodic conference calls will be hosted from time to time, on the phone and IRC, to discuss documentation topics. Everyone interested is invited to join - either as observer, or as active participant.

    Conference Call Dates and Times

    The date and time of each conference call will be announced in advance on the Documentation Team mailing list. A poll will be held beforehand to establish the date and time, and all interested parties are encouraged to report their available time slots via this poll, so that the moderator can take a decision that best suits as many people as possible. You can consult the poll to get time/date conversions to your locale, and to see the announced participants (although anyone else is welcome to take part notwithstanding):

    Next Conference Call

    When a conference call is in the planning stage, the agenda will be displayed below and you are welcome to add items for discussion.


    The poll to choose a date and time is at:


    1. Choice of a medium for documentation production and publication
    2. The next item will go here.

    Past Conference Calls

    To read the agenda and minutes of past conference calls, click one of the dates below:

    These conference calls are meant to be a dialog between all documentation contributors and with outside parties. So, feel free to add your topics to the agenda and join the discussion!

    Some Important Notes

    • Although they are a public event, at the present time, the conference calls should not be considered to be an official event organized by The Document Foundation.
    • Each call may be recorded and, if the policy is such, may be made available to the public as an edited or uncut audio file, after the event has finished. If you join, you agree that you will be recorded.
    • There will be no fee charged for joining the call. However, normal phone costs apply. Please check your provider for more details.

    How to Prepare Yourself

    • Some of the topics we will discuss will have been suggested on the documentation mailing list. Please have a look at the archives, or subscribe yourself to the list, to stay up to date. You can also suggest agenda items by adding them directly to this page (see above).
    • At the beginning of the call, you may be invited to introduce yourself briefly (15 seconds to 1 minute).
    • Everytime you speak, please mention your name again, so that people know who you are.
    • When you are not speaking, please remember to mute your microphone/telephone, to reduce noise and echoes.
    • You are invited to join the TDF IRC channel #documentfoundation IRC:// during the call. See the IRC Channel section below for more details.
    • It is also suggested that you keep the conference call brainstorming page open during the call, so that you can read and maybe contribute to information posted there.

    IRC Channel

    We use an IRC channel during conference calls. This allows us to paste links and brief written information for conference participants (such as the title of the agenda item being discussed).

    It also allows people without a telephone or microphone to participate in the conference to at least a limited degree. The moderator will watch for questions and comments posted on the IRC channel, and will relay them to participants in the voice call.

    The details of the IRC channel we use are as follows: #documentfoundation IRC://

    Brainstorming Page

    We also use a "brainstorming page" while conferences are in progress. It's just a rudimentary "scratchpad" for taking notes and posting information (stuff longer than you'd want to paste into the IRC chat), so that participants can read it in real time while the conference is in progress. Anybody who posts information on this scratchpad is well-advised to move it elsewhere if they want to preserve their writings on a more-permanent basis after the call, because the page will be wiped before the next conference.

    This scratchpad should not be thought of as equivalent to the conference minutes, because it has no imposed organization, whereas the conference minutes will be more-formally laid-out.

    This brainstorming scratchpad page is located at: Documentation/ConfCalls/Brainstorming

    Dial-in Details

    see Talkyoo